Vice Chancellor – Job Descriptions


  1. Performing the chancellor is job of his/ her absentees.
  2. Cooperating with the chancellor in academic affairs.
  3. Legal performance in hiring parts confirmation of academic ranks, academic promotion and supporting professional ranks.
  4. Legal and academic performance in hiring professional based on faculties needs.
  5. Organizing plans and following the adaptation plans and other programs at university.
  6. Designing and confirming plans and academic research at university.
  7. Leadership and observing the academic research affairs at university.
  8. Leadership and observing the publishing affairs at university.
  9. Designing plan for academic councilor and presenting that first for the councilor meeting at the beginning of the year for approving and confirming.
  10. Arranging the counselor meeting agenda and registering the academic counselor’s decisions at university.
  11.  Evaluating and observing the regulations the description and other issues relating the academic ranks at university.
  12. Facilitating and evaluating the academic ranks at university.
  13. Observing the teaching curriculum and designing suggestion with considering the time and international standards.
  14. Controlling the progress, review the adaptation of teaching curriculum in faculties.
  15. Presenting the reports and from performance and other manual works of academic affairs for the chancellor and other academic counselor of university.
  16. Evaluating the adaption of councilor is decisions in academic part.
  17. Facilitating and cooperating in making academic strategies at university.
  18. Other activities that belong to academic affairs by considering the legal process.