Research Committee

Academic research committee

The academic research committee started in 1392 at Mawlana university. Dr. Abdul Hai Aram has the responsibility of this committee is to print and publish all written articles and books by the teachers of Mawlana university. Also, organizing different research programs are another responsibility of this committee. This committee has done a research about thoughts and personality of Mawlana that has been published in article frame. Also, a book by the name of (An overview about life, works and thoughts of Mawlawe ) was written by professor Mohammad Jaihon that was printed and published by financial part of university. Also this committee is researching about his thought. Observation over quality assurance and reliability presidency under the order of ministry of higher education.

Mawlana univiersty has started the quality assurance and reliability committee.

Dearly teacher Emal Attae has the responsibility of this committee. The subcommittee of quality assurance has one separate part in each faculty. They do their meetings regularly

And they give report for the main committee.

This committee is doing its great work for better improving of university.

They arrange seminars and other activities for better improving. Also, for better improving of university, they ask students opinion about different decision. Also short term plans that they will perform in the future.