Legal Clinic

The people of Afghanistan in the current situation need to provide free legal services (free legal advice). Therefore, the Legal Clinic of Rumi University provides free legal services (free legal advice) to the needy citizens in legal and criminal cases within the framework of its statute in order to ensure the best justice. Also, according to the goals of the Law Clinic of Rumi University in accordance with its statutes, programs such as judicial training, defense advocacy training and legal advertising for students of the Faculty of Law of Rumi University and the public for free and public offer. After the implementation of the Law on Defense Lawyers, the Regulation on Legal Aid (Official Gazette No. 950) was approved by the Council of Ministers in 2008, according to which legal aid is regulated in Afghanistan. Legal Clinic According to the third paragraph of Article 15 of the Regulation Legal, is one of the institutions providing legal assistance, which according to the seventh paragraph of Article 5 of the same regulation, is a legal clinic “centers where students of the Faculty of Law and Political Science or formal religious schools in the country to provide legal aid under supervision Honorable professors of law and Sharia faculties or legal assistants or defense attorneys work. ن Sabbath was established on 2/15/2017 for their rights and also for providing free legal services for them, especially women and children. Of course, this institution officially operates and has a statute that is registered in the Independent Legal Aid Board of the Ministry of Justice. According to the second chapter of Article 6 of the Statute of Rumi University Legal Clinic, Rumi University Legal Clinic is established to achieve the following goals. Provided free legal services for underprivileged citizens, especially women and children. Development of theoretical-practical legal education programs for students of the Faculty of Law of Rumi University. Promotion of legal advertisements for citizens. Establishment of the rule of law in Afghanistan.