Law Faculty

Law and Political Science Faculty
Faculty of Law and Political Science is the first faculty that started its activity with two departments, namely Administrative – Diplomacy and Legal – Judicial, within the framework of Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi Private University following the establishment of the university in the solar year 1386. Hundreds of students have been graduated from the faculty so far who are currently working in the country’s diplomatic, legal and judicial institutions. This faculty has 20 professional lecturers and is operating in two shifts – morning – evening. The law clinic is considered as a golden opportunity for students of the faculty to do their practical work. In addition, educational resources are available for the students at the library of the university

1. Administrative- Diplomacy & international relation
3. law

Some subjects which are thought in this faculty are as follow:
 International Criminal La
Principal of Criminal Courts
Diplomatic law

 Heritage Law Principal of International Law

 Political history of the world

Fee based on per semester
In order to provide better education for youths and to introduce qualified law professionals and diplomats in the community, lowest amount has been determined for this faculty. Fee for each semester of Law and Political Science Faculty is 220$.

Fields of work:
• Graduated students of this faculty can work in the following sections:
• 1.     As a prosecutor
• 2.     As an attorney lawyer
• 3.     As a legal advisory
• 4.     As a court staff
• 5.     As a staff of government and private organizations

Legal clinic

The legal clinic creates for law and political sciences

The labor of legal clinic:

  • Legal advice
  • principles of civil prosecutions
  • Principles of Criminal Trials
  • Principles of Commercial Trials

Practical work

  • Holding allegory courts for law students
  • Holding allegorical programs
  • Introducing Criminal Technique Box
Allegorical court by judicial students
Investigate the crime scene