Journalism Faculty

Joint with creating University, Journalism faculty to taking license in 1386 activation with two faculties (department Radio & TV and Publication.) And up to now more than hundred students are graduated from this faculty and some students works to different Medias and Publications. This faculty has eight lecturers in tow time night and day, Froogh TV and Mawlana Monthly the best opportunity for students. Also the best source library for services to all students


  • Radio and TV
  • Publications

Some Subjects teach to this Department:

  • History of world publications
  • Skills orator
  • Practice journalism
  • Script writer

Fees for per semester:

However, for state of economic of the society and people to fees of this semester attend more than and try to assign reduced amount and per semester of the education amount 150$.

Background works:

The graduation of this department including…

  • Orator
  • Press advisor
  • Journalism and publications
  • Media Manager
  • Private and government staff
Student Practical Work Studio
Student Practical Work Studio