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Mohammad Yahya Anwari Founder of

Hajj Mohammad Yahya Anwari is son of Assist prof Shahid Mohammad ZarifAnvari. He was born in 1366 in Balhk province. He went to Bakhter high school. He got his bachelor degree from Mawlana university, Faculty of law and political science at administrative and diplomacy department. Along with his father established a private university of Mawlana University. For seven years, he was vice chancellor of financial and administrative affairs for Mawlana University. After the martyrdom of Assist. Prof Mohammad Zarif Anwari, he leads the university affairs. His excellency Haji Mohammad Yahya Anwari is a hard worker and he loves to pave the way for young generation to pursue their education and he tries his best to sever for his country and his people