Economy Faculty

Economy faculty taking license in 1389 to started activation to this University it  has two department (Finance and Business, economy and National)

And up to now more than hundred students are graduated from this faculty and some students works to different bank, economy organization and government and private.

Right know this faculty has activation for tow department (finance and national economy)

The head of this faculty belongs to Pohandoi Abdul Mohmmad Tokhi about ten lecturers busy to work to this faculty

And also the curriculum of this faculty confirm from high education and university and the subjects are reliable or the subject printed by University press and distribution to all students.


  • National Economy
  • Finance business

Some Subjects teach to this Department:

  • Many theoretical
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Budget
  • International economy
  • Basic of economy

Fees for per semester:

However, for state of economic of the society and people to fees of this semester attend more than and try to assign reduced amount and per semester of the education amount 220$. The background works include for Bank, Goveremtns and private.