Discipline Committee

Moral policy discipline committee of Mawlana university

Since university and institutes of higher education are the sanctum of education and academic. So it requires that prepare facility and circumstance for all participants of knowledge and this academic place was save from every violation and molesting. And students learn their lessons with quite silent mentality and spirit. Thus dear students obligate to maintain the following points:

  1. Have respect to all rules and laws, ministry of higher education and Mawlana university provisions.
  2. Have respect and conformity from decrees and holy Islam religion ritual.
  3. Refrain and prevent from every kind of impolitely and insultingly words against the teachers, students, administration and other employers of university.
  4. Having great relations and well- behavior with employers of teaching and administration and also with classmates.
  5. Maintain the environment hygiene.
  6. Well- behavior with university security employers.
  7. Preventing from national discrimination, ethic., Religious, azimuthal, knowledge and sectarian.
  8.  Having respect to dignity and human honor without gendered and national discrimination.
  9. Having respect and well- behavior to females.
  10. Having respect to all kind of mankind individuals in order to have right of learning and studying in life, without gendered discrimination.
  11. Lack of remedy to the violence actions and physical with compatriot at university environment.
  12. Maintain the discipline while teachers teaching in the class.
  13. Having respect to individuals.