Purchase the HELMS system from the Ministry of Higher Education for online courses

Purchase of the system (HELMS) from Kabul Polytechnic University by Rumi University to provide online course services.
Rumi University proudly purchased the HELMS system, which is a standard system, in order to provide legal and useful services based on the guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education. According to a memorandum of understanding signed between Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi University and Kabul Polytechnic University, the system will soon be active at Maulana University and dear students will benefit from online education until the end of the Crohn’s holidays.

Inauguration of the stadium at Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi University

On 13/9/2020, a stadium equipped with new equipment was inaugurated at Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi University. Respected Alhaj Mohammad Yahya Anwari with a number of leadership and professors inaugurated the stadium by cutting the ribbon. This stadium has beautiful body and fitness equipment that has been made for the use of Rumi University staff. The stadium is located in the repair of the second number in the fifth house. Meanwhile, Rumi University is one of the leading educational institutions in the north of the country and more than one hundred people, including men and women, are working in this institution and more than three thousand students are studying.

Assistance of spices and laboratory equipment packages from Mawlana jalaluddin University to the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science of Balkh University

According to the agreement between Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi University and the President of Balkh University; 25 items of spices and medical equipment and 8 items of laboratory equipment were donated to Alium 25 of Virgo Tower to the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medicine of Balkh University. These aids include spices; It contained laboratory equipment and some books, which were handed over to the administration by the officials of Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi University. Honorable Dr. Mohammad Nasser Haidar, Vice Chancellor of Rumi University, while handing over the mentioned equipment and devices; He expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of Balkh University with this institution and in return, the leadership of Balkh University welcomed the action of the leadership of Maulana University and expressed their gratitude.

Unveiling of the book of the respected master Shah Mohammad Fallah

The book “Heritage Law” written by Professor Shah Mohammad Fallah, Professor of the Faculty of Law and Political Science, was unveiled during a ceremony. This book, which is written in the field of heritage law, is taught in the Faculty of Law. During a ceremony held on Tuesday, the first of Mizan, in the conference hall of Rumi University; The book was unveiled in the presence of officials and professors of Rumi University. Respected Professor Shah Mohammad Fallah in a speech at the conference said that the authorship of scientific books is one of the basic duties of academic institutions. Meanwhile, Dr. Abdul Hai Aram, Head of the Rumi University Research Center, expressed his gratitude for the support of the Rumi University Board of Directors for scientific activities and considered the production and development of science as the dynamism of society in a country. Meanwhile, several other books written by the professors of this university have been published with the financial support of this institution and have been made available to those who are interested.

Celebrating Teacher’s Day

teachers’ days were celebrated at Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi University. This conference, which was held on Sunday, the 13th of Mizan in the conference hall of Mawlana University, was first addressed by Professor Shah Mohammad Fallah, Head of the Judiciary Branch of the Faculty of Law, about the position and value of teachers in human society. Was taken. The ceremony ended with live music playing and cake cutting by the leadership and professors. Meanwhile, 13 teachers’ days throughout the country are celebrated every year in educational institutions, and Mawlana University also holds a commemoration ceremony every year to commemorate this day.