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پوهنځی طب معالجوی

Assist. Prof.Dr.SayedLal Shah Langar Head of Medicini Faculty

Assist. Prof.Dr.SayedLal Shah Langar is son of SayedAsef , he was born in an open minded familty in 1345 HajiriShamsi (Solar year) in Kabul, Afghanistan. He went Habiba High School in Kabul province. He passed the Kankor exam (national exam) successfully and he succeeded in Faculty of Medicine in 1372. He finished his bachelor degree from Balkh University in 1378. He became as the member of lecturer in 1381. According to necessary of the faculty in Microbiology department, he went to Germany to pursue his education in 1387. He got M.D from Diagnostic Microbiology Department, Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen city, Germany. Assist. Prof. Dr.Langar is the dean of medical faculty at Mawlana University since the lesson of faculty has been started. His scientific writings are consisted of two Medical Microbiology books that those have been taught as subjects in governmental and private medical faculties. His several scientific research papers were published in the academic journals of Balkh University as well as in Mawlana University. Those are available for doctors and medical students.
faculty of medicine got its activity license after finished the legal stages at 10th Hamal in 1392 according to 30th March 2013 on the basis of order number 102/57 in 1392/01/10, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Higher Education. The basic elements of teaching at this faculty are credit system and were organized by using the Kabul Medical University teaching curriculum, the theoretical lessons of students are teaching by using the projector and update modern technology as lecture collectively. Also, as grouping, their practical lessons are organized separately into groups. In addition, the equipped laboratories are expedited by the experienced teachers of Faculty of Medicine


محصل ارجمند اگر شما مشکلی دارید لطف نموده روی دکمه کلیک کرده مشکل خود را درج کنید.