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پوهنځی حقوق و علوم سیاسی

Jamshid Nazhand Head of Law Faculty

I am JamshidNazhad son of Mohammad Asif, my grandfather name is Mohammad Dawood. I was born in Balkh province in 1360 HajriShamsi. I started school in 1366 at Wazir Mohammad Akabar Khan secondary school and I studied up to nine classes at this school and I am graduated from Bakhter high school. I got my bachelor degree from faculty of law and political science, Balkh University in 1384. After my graduation I worked with international and domestic organizations (NGOS) as legal advisor. I was interested for teaching, therefore; I became lecturer at Mawlana Private University in 1388. Till 1394, I was acting as a dean of law and political science faculty then I became head of Administrative and Diplomacy Department. Since 1394; I have become dean of Law and political science faculty. After 1391, I have become the member of independent association and advocative defenders in Balkh province. In 1395, I got my Master Degree from criminal law and criminology department, faculty of Humanities, Paym Noor University, in Afghanistan branch.
Faculty of law and political science of Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi which was officially started its activity according to license number 3 in 1385/2/1. Till now more than one thousand students have been graduated from this faculty in twelve rounds. This faculty has two departments (administrative diplomacy, and judicial). Students according to their enthusiasm pursue their lessons in both departments.


محصل ارجمند اگر شما مشکلی دارید لطف نموده روی دکمه کلیک کرده مشکل خود را درج کنید.