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پوهنځی ژورنالیزم

Khatera Mumtaz Latif Head of Journalism Faculty

Khatera Momtaz is daughter of Haji Mohammad Latif. She was born in 1369 in Balkh province. She went to Ayasha Afghn high school in 185. She received her bachelor degree from Balkh university, faculty of Literature and language in Dari Literature in 1389 and she received her master degree in the field of Dari literature and language. She is the dean of Journalism faculty and she runs her tasks in good ways.
faculty of Journalism started its activity in 1385. This faculty has two departments, Radio and TV and Press. The period of studying at this faculty continues four years.


محصل ارجمند اگر شما مشکلی دارید لطف نموده روی دکمه کلیک کرده مشکل خود را درج کنید.