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Mohammad Khalid Malikzada Head of Education Faculty

Mohammad Khalid Malikzada is son of Mohammad Malik. He was born in 1342 in Balkh province. He went to Fedousi high school at Kodibarq in 1381. He received his bachelor degree form faculty of education of Balkh University in 1381. Since 1393 up to now, He is dean of faculty of education.
Faculty of education got its activity license in 1390/11/25, according to evaluation of commission in 1390/10/27 and conforming to (24 45) in 1390/11/05 of Higher Education Ministry. This Faculty has seven departments and always attempt to present expert and professional teachers.


محصل ارجمند اگر شما مشکلی دارید لطف نموده روی دکمه کلیک کرده مشکل خود را درج کنید.