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معاونیت امور علمی


PHD Mohammad Naser Haidar

پوهندوی دکتور محمد ناصر حیدر معاون علمی پوهنتون مولانا جلال الدین محمد بلخی
دارند the vice chancellor of scientific affairs is organized the academic and scientific affairs of university which is included in assessment of lecturers’ document, getting the scientific carder for lecturers, and also acting the university affairs in the absence of General director of University, control and check the circumstance of the faculties; making strategic planning for improving the academic abilities of University and also vice chancellor of scientific affairs in its office it has a manager it is called the head of lecturers. Form 1395 Dr mohammad Nasir Haider has been the vice chancellor of scientific affairs till now and he runs with great management. Mr Khan Mohammad who has graduated from theology faculty is the head of lecturers.


محصل ارجمند اگر شما مشکلی دارید لطف نموده روی دکمه کلیک کرده مشکل خود را درج کنید.